Horizon View 6.1

VMware Horizon Suite getting updated with new release of VMware Horizon View 6.1.

VMware VSAN support in the 6.1 brings new dimension into VDI as it’s possible to double the number of desktops per host with the new VSAN 6.0. VSAN 6.0 doubles the performance in the traditional hybrid version and can execute up to 200 VMs per host (previously 100VMs).

Major Additions in VMware Horizon View 6.1

  • Enables shared access to physical GPUs on NVIDIA GRID GPU hardware for 3D and high performance compute workloads.
  • Uses native NVIDIA drivers in Windows
  • NVIDIA VIB installed on ESX to manage GPU
  •  Enhanced support for USB drives with RDS-hosted apps and session-based desktops for file storage, sharing, and collaboration
  • Support for scanning and imaging devices with virtual desktops and RDS-hosted applications
  • Client drive redirection to ensure simple drive mapping to a virtual desktop (limited access)
  • Google Chrome client support (limited access)
  • Client-free, HTML access to legacy Windows apps across more devices
  • Simplified and Optimized Leveraging optimized VMware Virtual SAN™ 6.0, Horizon ensures that customers can easily scale out and support up to 4,000 Horizon virtual desktops per cluster. Support for All-Flash Virtual SAN further ensures that end users can enjoy great experience with the best possible TCO. And for customers leveraging third-party NAS and SAN storage arrays, Horizon now supports Virtual Volumes VM-aware storage systems to simplify storage management and policy setting for virtual desktop infrastructure.
  • Fast, Easy, and Extensible VMware NSX™ with Horizon brings push-button simplicity to VDI networking. Within seconds, IT administrators can create and change policies for end users that dynamically follow them across devices and locations, with no need for time-consuming network provisioning or security rules.

Scalable and Available Across Sites

  • End users can enjoy high availability with continuous access to services by leveraging the Cloud Pod Architecture available with Horizon 6.1
  • Predictable performance – Grow from 25 users to 1,000+
  • Scale without impacting user experience
  • Grow capacity by simply adding appliances
  • New appliances are automatically discovered



Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system support for VDI desktops

Windows Server 2012 R2 (Datacenter edition) is now supported as a guest operating system for single-user, VDI desktops.

Virtual hardware version 11 graphics memory configuration

Horizon 6 now supports virtual hardware version 11, available in vSphere 6.0 or later versions. This feature is required for virtual machines that use NVIDIA GRID vGPU.