How to build a Veeam Cloud Gateway infrastruture

If you are an existing Veeam Customer, you can backup your on-premise VM/copy of backup to cloud  using  Veeam cloud Gateway 

Following are the step by step process involved in deploying a Veeam cloud Gateway Infrastructure

1.Deploy the SP Veeam backup server

On the SP Veeam backup server, a Cloud Connect Provider license must be installed. Other types of licenses do not support the Veeam cloud connect functionality.

2.Configure cloud repositories

A cloud repository is a  backup repository configured on the Service Provider side. When the SP creates a user account, a storage area will be allocated  on this backup repository for the user. The user can be assigned different quotas on different backup repositories. As soon as the user connects to the SP, Veeam Backup & Replication retrieves information about all quotas for this user and displays a list of available cloud repositories in user’s backup infrastructure.


  • You can use the following types of backup repositories as cloud repositories:
  • Microsoft Windows server with a local or directly attached storage
  • Linux server with local, directly attached or mounted NFS storage
  • Shared CIFS (SMB) folder

3.Set up SSL certificates

You can use Veeam Backup & Replication to generate a self-signed certificate for authenticating parties in the Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure. But it is always recommended to use authorized certificate to avoid warning messages.


4.Create cloud gateways

  • The cloud gateway can be a physical or virtual machine.
  • The cloud gateway must run Microsoft Windows OS.

Open the Cloud Connect Infrastructure view. Click the Cloud Connect Infrastructure node in the inventory pane and click Add Cloud Gateway in the working area.


At the Name step of the wizard, specify settings of a server that will be used as a cloud gateway.


 At the Networking step of the wizard, select the network that will be used by the cloud gateway to communicate with Veeam backup server 


Go through Review and Apply option and at the Summary step of the wizard, complete the procedure of cloud gateway configuration


5. Now you can Register user accounts

Open the Cloud Connect Infrastructure view. Click the Cloud Connect Infrastructure node in he inventory pane and click Add User in the working area


Now Create a user, assign the resources, click summary and finish the setup.


Now you can send the user details to your Veeam customer/user for accessing the Cloud Storage. The end user (any existing Veeam customer can connect this cloud repository using the user credentials provided) can now backup/copy to cloud.




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