VMware Horizon 7 Has Been Released

 VMware Horizon 7 has been released now with new feature like Instant Clones, Blast Extreme and more. It’s a major release which allows scaling up to 10 Horizon PODs across 4 sites with up to 500 000 desktops.

Administrators can select the VMware Blast display protocol as the default or available protocol for pools, farms, and entitlements. The clients can also do select this protocol when they connecting to remote desktops and applications.

New release, Windows Server 2016 can be used as an RDS host for providing remote desktops and hosted application. However, Windows Universal apps aren’t supported as hosted remote apps.


What’s New in Horizon 7 ?

  • Massive scale improvement – Cloud pod architecture can now have up to 10 Horizon PODs across up to 5 sites with a maximum 50 000 desktops. Compared to Horizon 6.2.1, It’s two and a half number of increase.
  • More Flexible entitlements – nested AD security groups. The cloud pod architecture (CPA) allows site assignment for nested AD security groups.
  • Better Fail-over Support – In case the home site resources are exhausted or not available, the user will be automatically redirected to available desktop at another site.
  • VMware Identity Manager Integration – Identity manager is integrated with CPA, where it will present the desktops or applications available from any CPA Pod.
  • Instant Clones details – the vmFork technology. Instant Clones leverage VMware vmFork technology
    • A running, powered on a desktop (Parent Virtual Machine) is quiesced and cloned.
    • Clones share the disk and memory of the Parent VM for reads – space and memory efficiency
    • The guest OS is customized, joins the domain, and is ready for user login as the desktop fully powers on

Instant clones can be persistent or non-persistent.


  • Patching the Operating System is as simple as updating the Parent Virtual Machine.  A user automatically gets an updated desktop at next login.  No lengthy recompose operation, even no need to do recompose
  • Desktops are short-lived and always recreated and automatically optimized for best performance.  No separate rebalance operation is required.
  • No boot storms (desktops Always On)
  • Desktop clones share disk and memory for reads
  • Less load on vCenter Server

Blast Extreme

All existing Horizon View remote features works with Blast extreme and latest horizon 4 clients.  Blast extreme has lower requirements on bandwidth, Optimized for mobile.

Smart Policies 

customization desktops on location and user’s identity in real time (during the session). The desktop is personalized at boot on, but due to the constant monitoring, it’s possible to add/remove function on-the-fly by applying a policy.

  • Application blocking
  • Control of PCoIP
  • Policies based on User Identity, location, Desktop tagging
  • Desktop capabilities provide client drive redirection, clipboard cut/paste, USB, printing etc.






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