VMWare products used for Server Virtualization

ESXI host

VMware ESXi is the industry-leading, purpose-built bare-metal hypervisor. ESXi installs directly onto your physical server enabling it to be partitioned into multiple logical servers referred to as virtual machines.

vCenter Server

VMware vCenter Server provides a centralized platform for managing VMware vSphere environments so you can automate and deliver a virtual infrastructure with confidence.

vShield Manager

vShield Manager is the centralized management component of vShield. vShield Manager is used to monitor and push configurations to vShield App, vShield Endpoint, and vShield Edge instances. vShield Manager is a virtual appliance deployed as an OVA file downloaded from VMware.

VMware vRealize Operations

VMware vRealize Operations combines multiple VMware components to deliver integrated performance, capacity, and configuration management capabilities for VMware vSphere, physical and hybrid cloud environments.