Windows Server 2019 Announced

A new announce from Microsoft about an upcoming release of Windows Server 2019. The product is in an early stage of development but there has been quite a lot of details published already.

The licensing model will be the same as for the Windows Server 2016, the price increase will be on the CALs (client access license), so more cost for larger organizations with a lot of clients accessing file shares etc.

The same as in WS 2016 there will be two installation options. Server with GUI (“Desktop Experience”) and Server Core. The product will be generally available in the second half of 2018.

Windows Server 2019 will be more hybrid

Microsoft continues to integrate hybrid functions into WS 2019, to make the transition to Azure easier, so they’ll be able to make more money with Azure

Windows Server 2019 will have Linux

It will feature also have a Linux kernel as Windows Sub-System on Linux (WSL), the same as it is available for Windows 10 desktop users. It means that you’ll be able to install Linux shell of your choice (currently there is 5-6 Linux distros available for Windows 10 already, including Kali Linux)

While Windows Server 2016 allowed that only for Windows VMs, the upcoming Windows Server 2019 will also support Linux VMs. There will also be some enhancements of VMConnect which will improve troubleshooting of Shielded VMs for Windows and Linux

Encrypted networks

Will be able to encrypt network segments between VMs, in order to protect the network layer between VMs

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

(ATP) will be part of the package as well. It provides preventative protection, detects attacks and zero-day exploits among other capabilities.

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